Environmental Overview

Waste Reduction

We have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to a sustainable planet by enacting policies designed to ensure that our business operations do not degrade the environment or cause social harm.  We considered the viewpoints of various constituents before developing a company policy and, today, our policy is to make responsible decisions that take into account our impact on environmental and social matters.  To that end, through the course of normal business practice, Aleron will:

  • Weigh ecological impacts of all business strategies and practices prior to engagement, allowing us to ensure that sustainability efforts are not undercut;
  • Monitor our impact in a quantitative manner across all meaningful self-audit points, including consumption of recycled versus virgin supplies, energy usage, recycling of consumed materials, etc.;
  • Thoughtfully manage operations to drive profitability, fostering economic prosperity in the regions within which we do business; and
  • Continually refine and improve.

Our commitment to continually perform internal audits ensures that we regularly review procedures and uncover areas for improvement.  This helps the company to reduce waste and ensure facilities are running efficiently.

In 2016, we made many improvements to our corporate headquarters.  We’ve engaged a Leed-certified third party facilities management company that has implemented extensive updates in our heating, electrical, and water systems.  Our cleaning towers have also been upgraded with a new alarm system, valves, pipes, and flotation device.  These updates will help to lower all of our utilities and previously unavoidable waste.

In 2016, we replaced all restroom and kitchen dispensers with new EPA-compliant alternatives.  We have completely switched to coreless toilet paper, as well as motion sensing dispensers for paper towels to reduce our overall waste and provide for more hygienic facilities.  The new paper consumables provide 95% less packaging and are:

  • Made from 100% recycled fibers
  • 100% recyclable
  • EPA-compliant
  • Usage reducing

By eliminating the toilet roll core, we have also effectively eliminated the waste of rolls.

We understand that employee health and well-being is largely made up of a positive work life balance.  A redesign of our corporate employee break room transformed this space.  When recreating this area, we made it priority to provide clear and distinct recycling bins that separate waste from ALL recyclables to correct any possible errors that could be made with disposal via cleaning contractors.

We’ve also replaced our formerly traditional coffee machines with more efficient single cup brewers.  This switch not only boosted the overall employee experience, but also reduced coffee waste and the use of coffee warmers.  Also, the coffee and tea packs are fully recyclable—which played heavily in our selection process—unlike those provided by a leading competitor.

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