Sustainability is at the forefront of the way Aleron does business — by creating processes for social, environmental, and economic sustainability, Aleron is dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for our businesses, our communities, and our world.

Aleron takes its commitment to the future of our planet seriously.  We understand that our business operations directly impact the sustainability of our ecological resources and, ultimately, the world that our children will inherit.  Therefore, while—as a provider of workforce and business solutions—our ecological impact may be less than that of an organization within manufacturing or production industries.  Every day we strive to refine the manner in which we reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We are steadfastly committed to making thoughtful, informed decisions that benefit not only our operations, but also the environment.  Thankfully, today’s technology allows us to simultaneously reduce our carbon footprint, minimize waste, and increase our efficiency.

At Aleron, we realize that we have a direct impact on the environment.  In fact, the largest energy users operate in office buildings, which have a major impact on the lives of employees and the people in nearby communities.  Office buildings account for 19% of all commercial energy consumption—more than any other type of commercial building.  Heating, cooling, and energy for office spaces are responsible for almost 40% of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions and more than 23% of total electricity usage in the building sector.

The demand for sustainability is reaching deep into the supply chain and affecting even the smallest businesses.  Many of our clients have also embarked on initiatives to curb their greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their environmental footprints.  We believe that our company must continually address its impact on climate change.  As you review this report, we ask that you consider the environment and do not print this file unless absolutely necessary.

Energy is a vital component of our operations; however, we recognize that energy efficiency is a critical element to managing climate change.  “Profit at all costs” is no longer the acceptable standard of doing business.  The definition of business success is changing from simply making money to considering the manner by which a company makes that money.  This new philosophy has prepared Aleron for a greener economy, embracing new culture and values.

Now that sustainable development is at the forefront of our consciousness, the challenge is to find the right balance between competing economic, social, and environmental goals.  In order to sustain our future, we need to perform well in the three key areas that are the principles of sustainable development:

  • Social and Ethical Performance
  • Environmental Performance
  • Economic Performance

The areas to which we are committed include:

  • Daily consumption of energy, natural gas, and water
  • The purchase of paper products, and our daily usage and disposal of these products
  • Waste of any kind, including hazardous materials
  • Reducing employee and third-party travel

Giving Back

Our communities are essential to a sustainable future and we are committed to giving back through donations, volunteering, and ongoing partnerships

Our Footprint

We continually perform internal maintenance audits to ensure that our building is not only running efficiently but also that we bridge any gaps that may be increasing our overall carbon footprint


We continually set goals and actively make changes within the company to achieve and surpass said goals


Aleron provides employees with the proper resources and tools needed to reduce company waste and increase recycling

Yearly Reporting

We track our energy usage to provide transparent reporting made available to the public

Our Suppliers

It is our commitment to ensure that our supply chain has responsible social, ethical, and environmental practices.  All suppliers are provided with and asked to agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as to provide information concerning their own internal sustainable practices

Negating Excess Waste

Working to decrease our waste translates into not only responsible purchasing, but also increased recycling and continual process improvement

Delivering Results

Being accountable and transparent at all times is important to us, and it allows us to be proactive in setting goals for future years


Making smart decisions for the environment saves more than trees — Aleron’s sustainability policy saves money, too.

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Yes, sustainability is about safeguarding the world — Aleron is reducing CO2 emissions.

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Ultimately, sustainability is about the people around us — Aleron gives back.

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Sustainability Report

Download Aleron’s 2018 Sustainability Report, “On the Green.”